The First Post

Pressure. It’s hard not to feel some sort of pressure in writing my first post on this new blog. If you’ve followed me through the years, then you kind of know what I’m about and what I’ve been up to. But if you are someone new, welcome. Welcome to my online home where I share my life with anyone who wants to come along for the ride.

To update you guys on my current life, I decided to move back to The States about three and a half months ago. I just got done wrapping up three years in Japan as an English teacher and decided I wanted bigger things in my future that Japan couldn’t give me. Since then, I got engaged to my sweet boyfriend and have started deepening my career as an educator.

Why start a completely new blog? Well for one, my blogs have always been about my travels. I wanted to keep my family and friends in the loop about where I was, or what I got the chance to see or do while traveling. Even though I have chosen Texas to settle in for now, I still plan and intend to have travel in my life.

Travel has become a sort of habit and lifestyle. I think the universe really listened when they sent me Caoliang. With his job as a performer in a touring circus show, I get the chance to visit him in different cities and countries. His job allows us to explore new places together. Traveling together has deepened our love for each other and for the world.

In this first post, I just wanted to share the small update and catch up those of you who may be new. So as for the first few posts, it’ll be me playing catch up with Summer 2017, but I hope to deliver exciting and capturing stories that make that little travel bug in you want to get out and explore for yourselves.

It’s true what this quote says, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” In a world that can easily get comfortable and robotic, it’s good to scare ourselves with new challenges and remind ourselves to live a little (or a lot)! That’s my boat in life anyways. why don’t you jump on in!

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