Hi, I’m Treesa. Ever since leaving my country of The United States of America in 2010, I’ve been addicted to traveling. It’s safe to say the travel bug bit me, bad. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to call places such as Indonesia and Japan home. In the last seven years, I’ve done my fair bit of traveling and have kept blogs documenting them.

Now I’m looking for new adventures. I currently live in Texas, U.S.A. and am pursuing a career as an educator. But along with my decision to make some roots, I still have a powerful yearn to get out and grow.

In my travels, I have met my lovely, sweet fiance, Caoliang. In our short year of knowing each other, we’ve traveled to many cities together and only plan to increase that number as our love grows. Here in this page, I’m not only going to document my own travels but ours together as well.

Hope you guys enjoy our little adventures together as well as my personal discovery of life!